How to Measure Your Board’s Cybersecurity?


Your contacts, confidential correspondence, personal documents, and photos are just a small example of what data can be contained on your devices.

Why Do You Need to Measure Security?

Board cybersecurity from a business perspective – a process that demonstrates how security-related changes and investments, over time, achieve business goals. Any activity in the company must comply with business goals. Not necessarily financial ones – compliance, customer loyalty, geographic expansion, market share growth. Achievement of the goal can only be demonstrated if we can evaluate and measure how much the results have been achieved.

There are some reasons why you need to measure security:

  1. Demonstration of the results of their work.
  2. Compliance with the requirements of standards.
  3. Justification of investment.
  4. SLA negotiation.
  5. Be a business partner.

If you use encryption, then the attacker will need to physically possess your device and know the password to decrypt the data. Thus, the most reliable way to store data is to completely encrypt your device’s entire data storage, not just a few favorites. Most smartphones and computers offer full disk encryption.

What Is and How to Measure Board’s Cybersecurity?

Metric is a measurement standard using quantitative, statistical, and/or mathematical analysis. Board’s cybersecurity is a way of applying quantitative, statistical, and/or mathematical analysis to measure “safe” costs, benefits, successes, failures, trends, and loads.

It is impossible to deny the fact that the informational “Internet” increasingly penetrates into our life with you. For some, he became a source of knowledge, for others – the Internet of friends, and someone was even able to establish their personal lives. Most of us find it difficult to imagine a day without online viewing of fresh news or new videos.

Cybercrime is using information technology for criminal purposes. The practice of recent years indicates an increase in the number of such crimes. The most common information is blocking sites and local computer networks, illegal copying of information. Why do you need to measure board security?

  • 80% of criminals take information on social networks.
  • Personal information is used to steal passwords.
  • Personal information is used to commit crimes such as blackmail, extortion, insult, libel, kidnapping, theft.

Board’s cybersecurity means understanding how it is treated in your organization: how personal data is processed, transmitted, used, archived, and deleted. Understanding what your data is, how it is used and stored is a key requirement in building a GDPR strategy for your business.

Typical Mistakes in Measuring Your Board’s Cybersecurity

Typical mistakes in measuring your board’s cybersecurity:

  • Choosing hundreds of metrics instead of focusing on strategy.
  • Measuring what’s easier to measure instead of focusing on measurement goals.
  • Lack of business focus.
  • Focus on operational result-based metrics instead of evaluating process performance.
  • Lack of context, reduction in the cost of information security with an increase in incidents.
  • Lack of cooperation with others and self-confidence.

After the completion of mutual authentication, the server protection agent module establishes a connection with the protected resource. All interaction of modules – agents of protection means with each other, as well as with the client and server application is carried out at the transport level (the fourth level of the model of interaction of open systems). At the same time, both the client protection agent module (to ensure the protection of outgoing connections) and the server protection agent module (to ensure the protection of incoming connections) can function simultaneously on the same WAN node, both outgoing and incoming connections can be established with any other nodes.

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